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In addition, the Award of Excellence for outstanding dissertations has been awarded since 2008. The prize money for the achievement prize and the Award of Excellence is EUR 3,000 in each case. Travel grants help to cover the travel expenses of recipients of study grants during their subsidised studies abroad. In addition, there are grants for language courses to prepare students for studying abroad. From the age of 27, recipients of study grants are also entitled to a monthly insurance contribution amounting to EUR 19 as part of the self-insurance in health insurance.

State education agencies can hold on to about 10 percent of the allocation before distributing the remainder to districts. State agencies must spend at least 5 percent on learning loss, 1 percent on summer learning, and 1 percent on afterschool programs. The $81 billion represents two thirds of the money allotted for K-12 schools in the $1.9 billion stimulus plan that passed earlier this month. Before they receive the remaining third, states must submit plans to the Education Department sharing how they will use the federal dollars to reopen schools and meet students' needs.

No Teaching Quality:

In 2013 the majority of public and private colleges offered full academic programs online. Programs included training in the mental health, occupational therapy, family therapy, art therapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitation counseling fields. The University was owned by the city, and local residents would pay the low tuition rates, receive their study materials in the mail, and listen by radio to live classroom discussions that were held on campus.

The report explained, the Secret Service "bought their own degree for a perfect terrorist candidate, although theirs was fictional." The person was Mohammed Syed with no formal education, but training in chemical engineering with the Syrian army. In June 2007, the Swedish Minister for Employment, Sven-Otto Littorin, was discovered to have an MBA degree from Fairfax University. Though aware that claiming an MBA from this diploma mill would be illegal in many states in the US, Littorin tried to convince the Swedish media and people of the legitimacy of his qualification.


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